Dizin winter and summer resort is closer than you might think, and far beyond what you might expect, surrounded by the glorious Alborz moutains.
Dizin's mountain offers a wide variety of terrain, for many ski runs with 850 meters vertical drop. There's something for everyone, fro long, rolling, cruising runs to wide bowls or narrow chutes. The Dizin hotels located at the base of the mountain combine cuisine combination of exceptional style, sumptuous cuisine and unfailing personal attention. Each hotel and chalet has been creatively designed and situated to focus your attention on the spectacular surrounding vista and to provide a complementary addition to the landscape. Far away from the madding crowd, quite simply, the Dizin resort is a way of life, tennis courts, children play ground, volleyball courts, summer garss skiing, horse back riding.
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Dizin's professional staff is committed in providing their guests with friendly, attentive services.
With this wealth of facilities and marvelous service, there is no wonder why people choose the Dizin resort.

Where to eat
Chalet restaurant located at the top of the Chalet gondola at 3000 meters.
Chaman restaurant located at the top of Chaman chair lift.
Hotel Dizin restaurant located of the bottom of the mountain by Chalet gondola area at 2700 meters close to Dizin hotel.

Scheduled season: December through April
Daily hours of operation: 9:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.
Altitude: 2700 meters base, 3550 meters summit. 850 meters vertical drop.
Average annual snow fall: 7 meters.
Number of trails: 23 for all levels.

Ski patrol
These trained professionals are here for your protection and assistance. If you are injured, cross your skis in the snow above the accident and send someone for informing the patrol.

How to get to Dizin
Getting to Dizin is easy.
Located 60 km north of Tehran; through Fasham, Shemshak road.
Dizin is accessible by just 70 km from Tehran international airport.
Tel: +98 261 521 2978

Safety note:
It is your responsibility to maintain a good control of your skiing at all time, in order to avoid harm to yourself or other skiers.
Good physical condition, proper clothing and appropriate equipments, and basic knowledge of the skiing will dramatically reduce the chances of accident. Enjoy skiing Dizin while exercising common sense caution and the following advices:

  1. Ski with caution so that you can stop or avoid other skiers or objects.
  2. When passing or overtaking another skier, be aware of skiers around you.
  3. Do not stop where you obstruct a trail or where not visible from above.
  4. When entering a new trail or staring downhill, yield to other skiers already on the track.
  5. All skiers must wear retention devices on their skis (stoppers) to prevent runaway skis.
  6. Avoid closed trails, and observe signs posted,
  7. The grading system of trails is based on normal condition if skiing at Dizin ski area. Degrees of difficulty can vary with changing snow and weather conditions.
  8. Weather changes, snow storm, poor visibility or any other sudden drop in temperature is the responsibility of each individual skier's for avoiding any accidents.
Skiing Grading system
Beginners to low intermediate: They can have an entire area to themselves served by chalet gondola, Beginner poma lift, Night poma lift. Runs shown by the green lines.
Intermediate: Chalet gondola, Villa poma lift, Chaman poma lift. Gavazni poma lift, Chaman chair lift. Runs shown by the blue lines.
Advance and expert: The Darreh gondola, Chalet chair lift, villa poma lift. Runs shown by the black lines.
It is especially important that all skiers reduce speed in high traffic areas and avoid any trouble.

Lift boarding and operation
If you're unfamiliar with the lift Please ask attendants for assistance. Never Jump from a lift, if your lift stops for a prolonged period remain seated, you will be contacted by ski patrol.


Lifts Capacity Length of Ride
Gondola 4 passenger
9 min
Darreh (Valley)
Gondola 4 passenger
12 min
Ghulleh (Summi)
Gondola 4 passenger
10 min
Chaman (Grass)
Double chair
14 min
Double chair
15 min
Poma lift
6 min
Poma lift
6 min
Poma lift
8 min
Poma lift
8 min
5 min
Poma lift
7 min
Poma lift
5 min
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